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About me

I started LOGENS KONSTHALL, Kisa in 2001

My aim is to invite international artist to the countryside for exhibitions in my studio.

"The Servant Nature" was one of the exhibitions with support of the Swedish Art Department, Sveriges Bildkonstnärsfond.Many welknown artist has exhibited for ex Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Leif Elggren, Anu Tuominen, Eline Merenmies, just to mention a few.

 In my own work I am inspired of the  64 hexagrams in the 4000 years old Chines book "I Ching", and how they are related to nature in a philosophical way.I see the hexagrams as forms for the creative power manifasted in the outside world as images for earth, water, fire and wind.

Like an eye they are turned towards the outside world. In my art I use this hexagrams for understanding the mystery of forms and how they are related to the art of nature. The material and technic I use changes and adepts to the inviroment. It can be paintings, graphic and installations.

Exhibitions 2013-2016

15 Nohabs smedja, Trollhätan. "B-A-H-O-N

15 Passagen Konsthall, "SOLK" 

14 Uppsala Konstmuseum, The XVth Graphic Triennal

 13 Östergötlands Länsmuseum, Stafetten

13 Stadshuset, Linköping, "The Power and the Glory"

13 Skådebanan, Linköping, "Ash to Ash"


Östergötlands Museum, Linköping

Norrköpings Konstmuseum

Statens Konstråd

Göteborgs Kommun

Linköpings Kommun

Norrköpings Kommun

Västra Götaland

Lidköpings Kommun

and more............





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